FREE online course – learn mindset mastery

FREE online course – learn mindset mastery! Ever wondered what shapes and drives your behavior? Have you ever stopped to reflect on who you are and why you are here?

Although these might seem like some ‘far out’ questions, they’re …

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Using story to change systems: why we need change

Since the dawn of the Industrial Age we’ve been living in a narrative of exponential growth. Serviced by fossil fuels, this narrative extracts ever more natural resources for expanding cycles…

Why your state of consciousness is important

Your state of consciousness plays an integral role in shaping your behavior. Your state of consciousness is a feeling, and your feelings fundamentally influence how you behave – moment to…

How to master your mindset

In order to master your mindset you need to become aware of what’s shaping and driving your behavior.  Once we develop our self awareness, we can master our thoughts, feelings…

What are you motivated by?

To know yourself, you need to discover your motivations. By discovering your motivations you can then understand what affects you, gaining deeper insight into why you do what you do….