Living your purpose

“From the time we are born, we are surrounded by systematic narratives that shape our lives. Education, culture, religion, economics – if you strip away these constructs, what parts of your identity is truly yours to define? And, by learning to cultivate your true passions, skills and talents, what will be in your power?” – Simon Inglis, Founder of Holacraft.

Living Your Purpose follows the journey of Holacraft’s Founder, Simon Inglis, a Wall Street banker stuck in a downward spiral of depression – a culture of bingeing and booze, fuelled by the endless pursuit of dollar bills. In the midst of the Global Financial Crises in 2008, as the bank brings the system crashing down and ordinary people pay the price, Simon decides something has to change.

Under the guidance of his mentor, Paul, Simon takes stock of his life. He learns how to disconnect from the ideological narratives that have been telling him what he needs to be happy, and truly listen to himself. What he finds is a new story, one written by his unique skills, talents and interests. It is a story that will set Simon on a new path, one in the pursuit of innovation, sustainability, and equality.

Set against the backdrop of Simon’s story, Living Your Purpose is a self help manual designed to equip people with the self-awareness and skills they need to connect with their purpose. The books chapters’ guide you through a series of steps, designed to nurture personal growth.

Available to download now for free, Living Your Purpose in the Social Age is a handbook for the 21st century.

Holacraft 1.0: Transcending Duality

Holacraft 1.0 follows the journeys of a pro surfer, Miguel, and an AI coder, Juan Hernandez. Each protagonist experiences the shock of loss and the resulting despair which causes them to look deeper inside of themselves for the answers to what it means to live purposeful lives. What transpires are tw0 journeys that propel each protagonist to question their motivations, taking on higher forms of consciousness that transcend dark and light. Both protagonists use different forms of psychedelics to expand and grow their awareness, setting them on a new path of awareness, self discovery and abundance.

Holacraft 2.0: the shaman and the thief

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