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3 years ago

FREE online course – learn mindset mastery! Ever wondered what shapes and drives your behavior? Have you ever stopped to reflect on who you are and why you are here?

Although these might seem like some ‘far out’ questions, they’re worth reflecting on to get to the core of who you REALLY are.

Mindset and conditioning

So much of who we think we are is mental conditioning – conditioning from parents, school, organisations, culture or religion. However, beyond these mental constructs of who you think you are – lies your true, authentic and differentiated self.

So how do we access the part of ourselves that’s no longer conditioned by external factors? As we question our assumptions, we arrive at clarity of our true sense of self.

And yet in our daily lives we constantly bump into external conditioning factors. We are all born with a unique blueprint. And thus, we all perceive differently. Our conditioning pulls us from our truest sense of self. And so we believe things based on right/wrong, good/bad rather than thinking in terms of what’s more or less useful for our growth.

How then do we arrive at a true sense of self? And how can our true sense of self guide us to our higher purpose?

Understanding your true self

Taking time to reflect on your sense of self is important for your personal development. Your values define who you are and how your perceive in relation to others.

Our inner world reflects our outer world. We thus have to consciously reflect on what shapes and drives our behavior from an internal point of view. This in turn gives us clarity on what we want and how to manifest our potential.

As we become more self aware, we perceive differently in relation to our environment. As a result, we transform what not longer serves us.

We can adopt other perspectives without the need to change people. As we gain clarity, we shape our identity by aligning our passions and talents with our unique skills. This ultimately gives us a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

States of consciousness

And yet so much of who we are operates out of an emotional wave – a cycle of highs and lows. Our mental constructs drive these internal states of consciousness, which are feelings.

There are 3 feeling states that define our outlook:

  1. Contracted – driven by the idea of something wrong, this is an uncomfortable feeling, which we bury, deny or project onto others in order to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.
  2. Relaxed – this is when everything is okay. We simply relax the contraction, gain presence and know that everything is okay. Oftentimes we gain clarity through deep breathing, yoga or meditation.
  3. Expansive – relaxed and excited. We are keen to participate wholeheartedly in what gives us a sense of meaning and purpose.

According to our circumstances and environment, we may move between these various states of consciousness, depending on how we react or respond to what we see, think, feel and believe. The low point of our emotional wave gives us a sense of melancholy. The high point of our wave produces feelings of exuberance and excitement. It’s worth waiting for clarity to make correct decisions  aligned with your best interests.

Free online course – learn mindset mastery

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