How to be more creative

3 years ago

Being more creative takes practice and skills development. Creativity is something that we master over time. We must engage with creativity – mould it, and shaped it with our unique skills and talents.

However, there are some ways that we can be more creative, such as:

Transcend specialisation

Being more creative often means trying different things. Therefore don’t limit yourself to one specific thing. We must try new things and develop a broad range of interests and skills to enhance our powers of creativity. So don’t be afraid to expand your passions and skill sets. For example, Elon Musk has a broad range of interests that he focuses on to develop businesses in areas like solar energy, electric cars, rocket science, AI, and physics.

Balance familiar with new

We all have unique skills that we are good at. We need these skills to refine who we are and make us good at what we do. But we also need new and exciting skills or opportunities to help us grow. Thus, there’s a sweet spot in the balance between the familiar and the new that helps us push the boundaries of creativity. Pushing boundaries is important for us to discover new insights into what works and what doesn’t, helping us master our craft as we grow.

Work on staying in flow

Flow is a state of consciousness. We remain relaxed and focused while mastering the material realm. In order to access flow we need to have enough tension and challenge to helps us grow in the creative process. We get bored if the challenge is too easy. If it is too difficult we get anxious and overwhelmed. Flow is about refining your skills and working on your state of consciousness to be more creative.

Marry irreconcilable ideas

We need a degree of tension in the creative process. And this where marrying irreconcilable ideas comes into the picture. For instance, try bringing together soft and hard, light and dark, familiar and weird. Where these seemingly opposing ideas intersect is often where the most creative insights spring to life. This is where the magic happens – often leading to that ‘aha’ moment. And even if it doesn’t, you would’ve learnt something new.

Explore the knife edge

Creativity is also about struggle. No one said it would be easy. Explore what makes you uncomfortable. Modern society places preconceived notions of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ on how we learn and engage with creativity. Yet in truth there’s a whole spectrum of choices available to us in the creative process. So why limit yourself? Explore the knife edge of creativity and see what truly makes you come alive.

Don’t fear failure

We’ve been conditioned by modern society to believe that failure is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’. We should rather use a growth mindset and see what we can learn from failure. Embrace trail and error. For we would not have evolution if it were not for failure. Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times making the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” We need the small steps to arrive at success.

Foster a creative mindset

Like any mindset, the more you work it, the stronger it gets. In order to foster a creative mindset we need to learn to think critically, question pre-existing paradigms and expand our horizons. Creativity requires that we grow and stretch our abilities. For this reason we must integrate more creative and inspiring ways to engage with the world around us. Research your interest and put your ideas to the test. Integrate what works and discard what’s no longer useful. Creativity is a mindset.

Use creativity for good

Finally, use creativity to make the world a better place. We can use our challenges to develop innovative solutions to some of our most pressing global concerns. Think about climate change, mass species extinction, the plastic problem, or inequality. We really can use creativity to invent and develop ideas that will make a difference. It’s up to us to use creativity for good. For example, although sustainability is one of our biggest challenges, it also offers us the opportunity to innovate on a practical level to solve wicked problems.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative. Enjoy the process!

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