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3 years ago

We empower you to create a better future for yourself, your family or your community. We do this by helping you understand what drives your behavior from a systemic point of view. Once you connect the dots and learn to think for yourself, you can actively shape your environment, learning to meet your needs in innovative and life-affirming ways.  

What shapes your worldview

From the moment we are born our identities are shaped by external circumstances like money, politics, education, energy or culture. These aspects condition you and homogenize your personality. But strip away your conditioning and what remains?

Once you dig down to your core, unique self, how do you then create the life you want? We teach you how the systems of the modern world influence your behavior so you can step outside of what restricts your potential. As a result, you’ll increase your awareness and feel more connected and empowered to live the life you want.

Decondition and differentiate

Deconditioning your mental frameworks for a more holistic worldview takes skill and awareness. Once you become aware of what’s driving your behavior you can actively shape your uniqueness. We don’t need more homogenization. We rather need new ways of thinking and interacting and solutions to our most pressing global concerns, like how to reduce waste or scale renewable energy.

So in order to differentiate you need to know who you are, why you’re here and what’s important to you. Once you discover your uniqueness you can then live your purpose.

Vision and purpose

Having a clearer idea of who you are, you can then craft your unique vision which is aligned with your core values. To connect with your purpose, align your skills, talents and interests. Then actively work at refining your skills through deliberate practice, using trial-and-error and project-based learning to master the material plane.

Traditional education is linear and fails to teach you how to think outside the box. Whereas using a growth mindset is critical to innovation and sustainability. The best way to advance is to experiment, learn from failure and integrate what works best.

Innovate at a practical level

We cannot create a better world without innovation. Innovation helps us create solutions to wicked problems like climate change or inequality. And Innovation can be social or technological, or it can be both. But we need both forms of innovation to create a better world.

To figure out how to innovate to create change, start small. Innovate on a practical level to meet your own needs. This will then have a ripple effect on the broader community, country or world. So if it’s growing your own food, recycling your own waste or capturing your own energy, learning to innovate presents one with opportunities for growth.

Integrate and communicate

Innovation and differentiation still requires integration for a holistic functioning society. Without integration we’re left with chaos and confusion. It’s the reason why a company like Tesla is successful because they create seamless integration from manufacturing to supply to customer support.

Effective integration is about creating systems to satisfy your needs within a broader social framework, which has a ripple effect for the greater good. Furthermore, we’re not taught how to communicate effectively. There can be no integration without connection and meeting needs – the bedrock of authentic communication.

Empower your future self

However, you needn’t struggle with these principles to create your unique identity. At Kultcha we’ve made it easy for you to hack your identity for self-mastery. All you have to do is register for our Free online course or download our Free ebook. We’ll guide you on your journey towards your empowered future self, freeing you from the constraints of homogenization. Register now and unlock your true potential! 

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