How to master your emotions through response

3 years ago

In this article I show you how to master your emotions through response.

Why is response the best mechanism to master your emotions? Response is the best mechanism to master your emotions because through response you’re able to gain insight into how you feel in your body. It is not your mind that is in charge of your decision making process.

Gut instinct

If your body closes off to something then you’ll intuitively respond with a gut level ‘no’. Yet if you respond positively to something the feeling in your body will be different. You will feel more open and engaged, or drawn to that which you’re responding to.

You need to be aware of what you’re body is telling you in order to use the response mechanism as your decision making strategy. Only then will you be able to bypass the conditioning of your mind, allowing your intuition to kick in. Your intuition is the purest form of awareness and acts as your guide.

Intuitive awareness

If you are in tune with your body’s response mechanism you will know if something is correct for you. Your body’s response mechanism is guided by an intuitive awareness in the now. But you also need emotional clarity that comes with time and reflection. Do not make decisions at the emotional peak or trough of your wave.

Rather ride-out your emotional wave, waiting for clarity to emerge from the depths of your awareness. Then you’ll be in a better space of emotional clarity, allowing you to make the best decision aligned with your vision and values.


There are two important aspects of your decision-making process. The first is the chemical reaction taking place in your body. The second variable is your environment. Where these two variables merge arises your overall perception of who you are in relation to your environment.

Your emotional wave gives you great depth of understanding. Your intuitive awareness and gut response give you clarity in the now. But your emotional wave gives you clarity over time. Working with these two interconnected energies helps you with your decision-making strategy – you know which direction is best for your personal development.


Use your environment to experiment with your strategy by responding to what your body is telling you. As you bump into things in your environment pay attention to what your gut response is. As well as using your gut response, connect with your emotional wave. Are you excited? Or do you feel flat or frustrated?

Your gut is a motor response, which when connected with your intuition, gives you greater insight into what is correct for you. Once you tap into this response mechanism you bypass the mind as your decision making tool. You therefore have a deeper understanding of your core motivations. You are not just responding through the conditioning of the mind.

Let’s say I go to a networking event. Rather than trying to initiate, I choose to relax, take in the scene, and observe how I feel. I am aware of the energy of different people around me. I wait for someone to approach me. Intuitively I feel a connection and start asking them questions. I offer my business card.

Immediately I’ve made a connection that feels aligned with who I am. By allowing someone into my aura, responding from a relaxed and open perspective, I’ve formed an enlightened business relationship.

Experimenting with this response strategy you feel more connected to your purpose which comes from the depths of your true self. So use your environment as a key to unlock your potential by following your decision-making strategy which is tied to response in the now. Be guided by intuitive awareness.

Responding to ‘yes’ & ‘no’ questions

The best way to connect with your gut response is to get people in your environment to ask you ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. If you respond positively to a question you’ll feel that gut response – “Uh-Huh”. Or if you respond negatively to something you will respond – “Un-Un”.

However, pay attention to the feelings in your body. Are you contracted or relaxed and expansive? This will give you a key indication if you do indeed have the energy for what you are responding to. Allow your emotional wave to pass and wait for clarity before making big decisions.

Still a bit unsure as how to master your emotions through response? Then connect with me through one-on-one coaching designed specifically to suit you and your needs. Together we can work on mastering your emotions through time, thereby giving you clarity and direction through purposeful response.


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