Learn how to overcome your fears

3 years ago

In this article you will learn how to overcome your fears. As you identify your fears, you can begin to actively transcend them.

The 3 types of fear

Mental projections

Mental projections come from the mind and all its deep forms of conditioning. We are conditioned from an early age by our parents, the education system, organisations, religions etc. We therefore fear that stepping outside of our conditioning will result in being ridiculed, frowned upon or outright abandoned.

As a result, we conform to conditioning through fears projected by the mind. We take on mental projections of right/wrong, good/bad, deserved/undeserved. These projections, however, rarely serve our personal growth.

Tips ‘n’ tricks

Learning to overcome mental projections, it’s important for us to recognise these fears for what they are – old forms of conditioning. We can then move beyond what no longer serves us. Consequently, we can connect with what gives us meaning and purpose. We can shape our unique purpose from our true sense of self.

Emotional fears

Our emotions operate in a wave – a cycle of highs and lows. But often we identify with the peak or trough of the wave. We want instant gratification. We’re addicted to feeling good, we hate moodiness, and we want to get rid of uncomfortable feelings.

Tips ‘n’ tricks

We should rather be present to our emotional wave and ride out any highs or lows, waiting for clarity to emerge from the depths of our awareness. For emotional beings, we use the mantra: there’s no truth in the now. That’s because at each point along our emotional wave we adopt a different perspective. So we have to wait for the emotional wave to pass to gain clarity on what’s best for us.

Existential fears

Our existential fears stem from our survivalist instincts. This is more an intuitive awareness. But often we get stuck in the idea that we’ll never be okay and have our needs met. So we fear for our survival. Such fears stem from a fear of death, which drives us towards a higher meaning in life.

We might fear failure or not being able to survive. This relates to our fear of the future, or the unknown. We also have the fear of not being good enough. However, these fears stem from our mammalian past. They’re no longer useful for personal development.

Tips ‘n’ tricks

The best way to overcome existential fears is to notice how your mind gravitates towards thinking about the future. This can create anxiety and worry. Try to rather plan for the future and your role in it. Get organised, connect with your vision, and develop your skills. Work on your state of consciousness and how you feel moment-to-moment. This will give you greater confidence to meet challenges with openness and understanding, thereby allowing for personal growth.

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