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In our eight-week online course we equip you with the knowledge and skills to live a more meaningful and sustainable life. So whether it is in your personal life, in your home environment, at work, and as part of your broader community, we help you connect with your core self, expand your awareness and up-skill for a brighter future.

Our online course empowers you to:

  • Understand the systematic narratives that shape behavior and drive the modern world, and why they are unsustainable
  • Unpack the principles of sustainable design, and how to innovate with them to create a better future
  • Apply these principles to your own life, building your practical skills to cultivate a sustainable environment within your community
  • Understand the drivers of your own personal behavior, and how these can be aligned with your new skills and values

Module 1: Learn

What are the driving forces of the modern world, and where do they stem from? Unpack the systematic narratives that influence our lives and shape our identity.

Module 2: Reflect

How can the systems that shape the world be improved? Learn the social, economic and environmental principles of sustainable design and how they can be applied.

Module 3: Innovate

Build the practical skills and knowledge you need to innovate for sustainable growth, from growing your own food to accessing the circular economy.

Module 4: Grow

Master your mindset by applying the philosophies of permaculture to your own identity, learning to align your skills, talents and values and unlock your true potential.

We recommend working through each module over a period of eight weeks. We equip you with new knowledge and skills to interpret and shape your place in the world. We’ve constructed each module with a series of skillsets. Consequently, each module has its own activities to help you reflect on and retain this new information.

So whether it is growing your own food, or cultivating a circular economy, our online course will empower you to make conscious decisions
that positively impact your life – and those of people around you.

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