Overcoming fear

1 year ago

Fear prevents us from realising our true potential. In this skill set we identify the different fears that limit us, and through self awareness, we learn how to overcome our fears to maximise our potential. 

Fear of outer authority

The fear of authority emerges out of the need to challenge authority. When the fears of authority limit our unique potential, we rise up and challenge authority as a healthy way to create our unique purpose.

Fear of death

The fear of death gives our lives meaning and purpose. As we question our purpose – our reason for participating in the co-creative process of life, we begin to actively transcend our fear of death. The fear of death helps us fulfil our talent by looking inward and reflecting on what’s important to us. 

Fear of failure 

From an early age we are conditioned to think that failure is something ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. Fear of failure prevents us from trying or realising our unique potential. The fundamental fear of not being able to survive and look after ourselves limits our potential and influences our behavior. 

Noticing how your fear of failure prevents you from taking action aligned with your vision helps you overcome your fear. You can then take action aligned with your vision.

Fear of responsibility 

Sometimes we have the fear of taking on the responsibility of looking after others in our lives and how this then impacts the lives of others. Or the fear of taking on more responsibility at work could also affect the lives of our co-workers. 

Consider how your fear of responsibility limits your personal growth. When you trust who you are – your unique potential, how does this decondition your limiting belief?

Fear of the future

Our fixation on the future and our place in it means we often fear the future. What will the future look like? What will be our role in the future? Will we be secure? All fears of the future can be debilitating and prevent us from living fully in the present moment. 

To override this limiting fear connect with the present moment. Focus on your breath, notice your surroundings, or listen to what’s taking place in your environment.

Fear of the past

Often things happen to us which may be traumatic and then we fear that these things will recur again. Our fears of the past limit us and prevent us from honing our talents in the present, thereby shaping the future. Fear of the past goes back into our genetic history and often we carry these fears with us into the future. 

Notice how your shadow – where you’ve been conditioned by the not self, impacts your sense of self. How does what happened in the past influence your actions in the present. Journal your insights.

Fear of inadequacy 

The fear of not being good enough or of not having the talent to ensure a better life limits the potential of the individual. We thus have to watch this fear closely so that we may transcend any limiting fear of not being good enough. 

The best way to overcome your fear of not being ‘good’ enough is to realise you have nothing to prove. Then tap into your unique potential to manifest your true self.

Most of these fears stem from our mammalian past. By noticing how these fears affect you, you can move beyond them and step into your unique differentiation. 


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