Question: what truly sustains you?

2 years ago

One thing is certain. This pandemic has brought to light the fragility of the human race. The Covid19 virus has resulted in fragmenting our economic systems. The collapse of our economy has stretched the limits of who we are.

But something far more interesting is emerging – a consciousness that sees all life as interconnected. With time to contemplate and reflect, many of us will be questioning the nature of who we are and our greater purpose in the unfolding matrix of space-time.

Questioning our systemic narratives

Questioning is good. Even contradicting who we are in the face of these dilemmas serves to awaken our collective consciousness. And awaken we must. A reset is in process as we take time to reflect. As we take time out, we link the dots between industrial systems like food, which encroaches upon nature and human wellbeing.

Since the dawn of the industrial age we’ve been using food, money and energy systems to drive economic growth and short term profit. Institutions reinforce this narrative. We use logical, linear thinking – the left part of the brain which is very focused and results oriented to educate.  But this has come at the expense of creativity and a peripheral vision which sees life as interconnected.

Fossil fuels and a debt based money system have allowed us to grow our economy at exponential rates. Debt services the profit motive, regardless of its impact on people or the planet.

But we are awakening to how these systems are degrading bioforms – plants, insects, animals, humans. Shocks like wildfires ravaging Australia, a financial meltdown and a virus pandemic mean we look around, question our motives and wonder if we should be serving another, more holistic purpose.

What’s the new normal?

After the pandemic has passed we could choose to go back to normal, but was normal something we wanted in the first place? Does normal serve the collective whole? As we integrate different perspectives, open our awareness to the unique parts of who we are and what sustains us, we realise there’s a shift occurring in the social dynamics that form our identities.

The systemic narratives that define us are breaking down. Our industrial systems are encroaching upon wildlife habitats, leading to cross-species transmission of viruses like Covid19. Clear-cutting indigenous forest for monocultures and industrial food lots creates imbalances in how biodiverse ecosystems function.

Can we use this time to dig deeper into who we are so that we may tap into our inner truth and align with a purpose that sees the interconnected nature of who we are, ensuring the long term survival of our species? Our inner truth is part of our self awareness emerging from the depths of our consciousness. But we must ground our awareness at the level of our behavior. Then we can develop new systems aligned with sustainable outcomes.

Alternative systems

It’s encouraging to see how people are now awakening to the idea of growing their own food. Maybe it’s been the diminishing supplies in the supermarket, but by questioning the fundamentals of our food – where it comes from and how it nourishes and sustains us, we begin growing food in our own backyards.

Or we start baking our own bread. So rather than being reliant on centralised, hierarchical systems, we take ownership of our needs. We start producing and growing our own food. Food is fundamental. And food is medicine. So during a pandemic we begin to enhance what makes us feel good. And if we can nourish ourselves, we can in turn, help others – our neighbours, or our community to become self-sustainable too.

We are all interconnected

All systems are interconnected. Industrial systems like food and energy require huge inputs of fossil fuels. This not only diminishes our environment, but puts us in danger of manifesting conditions that endanger our health and wellbeing. So although the nature of this virus is indeed devastating, we can look at the positive side of it. What’s important to us? Ho do we address the root cause of the virus – wealth creation at the expense of people and the planet?

And if we sit with these questions long enough we will come to realise that our interconnected nature is a fundamental part of who we are. But we need to be connected to our own inner truth to realise that our purpose is part of the unfolding and expanding nature of collective consciousness.

If we want to feel more connected with our environment – with what nourishes and sustains us – then we need to consciously awaken to the truth of who we are. Once we connect on a deeper level with our unique purpose, then we can step into our light and create sustainable systems.

Are you clear on what you want and what you value? Will we continue to allow systems to strip wealth from people and the planet? Or will we try living regeneratively – aligned with a self-sustaining and self-empowering embodiment of our unique, inner truth?

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