What are you motivated by?

4 years ago

To know yourself, you need to discover your motivations. By discovering your motivations you can then understand what affects you, gaining deeper insight into why you do what you do. You can then work towards your goals with greater clarity and purpose.

So what are your core motivations? Are they:


What does success mean for you? We all have different definitions of success. Is success having lots of money, lots of followers, or a PHD in neuroscience? You must determine how success drives you towards your goals, influencing your outcomes along the way.


Do you like doing stuff that makes you feel good? So whether it is watching a movie, walking in the park or eating a nice meal, doing something that makes you feel good will be your core motivation. However, it is important to note that our feelings our transitory. Our emotional wave works in cycles of ups-and-downs. Don’t take action at the peak or trough of your wave. Rather wait for clarity. Then take action.


What do you love doing? That could mean playing a sport you enjoy, painting or playing a musical instrument. You feel a sense of excitement when you do something that you love. When you participate wholeheartedly, it’s ’cause you’re doing something you love.


This could mean the attainment of knowledge for self development or for imparting it onto others. By expanding your understanding of something you can change or align your behavior with certain outcomes. You can also influence other people’s behavior with your new found knowledge.


With service as a core motivator you will want to be of service to something larger than yourself like teaching, coaching or volunteering. Service could mean giving back or making a difference. But service can manifest in many forms. Therefore, pay attention to the feedback loop to understand how service manifests as a core motivation in your life.


What do you desire? Are you longing for recognition? One’s desirability often plays itself out through relationship. It is therefore up to you to determine how desirability affects your relationships by remaining open to the feedback loop.

In conclusion, it is important to remain open and aware of your motivations to align your goals with what you want. Are you looking for help in understanding yourself and your needs better? Then book a mentoring session and we can work on outlining your motivations through a step-by-step coaching program designed specifically to suit you and your needs.



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