Why it’s important to be guided by your inner authority

3 years ago

The socio, political and economic systems that have defined us for the last 300 years are breaking down.

Strip away these narratives and what remains? Who are you once these external authorities that have shaped so much of you, are no longer there?

Old forms of conditioning

Why do you ask such a question, you might ask? Because the institutions that we’ve built through logic, reason and institutional and mutual trade are crumbling before our eyes. One need just look at the 2008 financial crisis, climate change or social upheaval in the form of Brexit. So much of what has defined us in the past is no longer relevant.

Thus, we need new strategies for navigating an uncertain, rocky future. And that strategy can only come from yourself, not the political, financial, educational or cultural systems of the past. To navigate an uncertain future it is necessary to respond to circumstances in your environment by using your own inner authority. And that inner authority comes through self-awareness.

Taking back your power

When you train yourself to become awakened and aware, you give yourself tremendous power and knowledge. This knowledge stems from knowing who you are and how to navigate this material reality. However, if you’re not self-aware, you’re at the mercy and whim of external authority. You’ll be bouncing here and there, defined through external conditioning factors. Your power will not be in your own hands.

But when you use your intuition, you know how to have your needs met through inner authority. Whether it is your emotions, guts, instincts, willpower or heart that decides, you will feel connected to your inner authority.

Inner authority

These 5 types of inner authority act as our guide as we shift from the logic and reasoning of past systems. Operating correctly as yourself while having your needs met and living your purpose depends on your own level of self-awareness.

We have been focused on what it means to strategically get ahead in life. We have lost that vital connection to our bodies. What is our body intelligence telling us, moment to moment? You see, our bodies have a very unique intelligence that acts as a guide to higher awakening and greater purpose.

Body intelligence

When you drop mental conditioning as your key decision making tool, you open up a whole new understanding of what it means to operate correctly as yourself. You can wait for emotional clarity or use your intuitive awareness. You might receive a gut-level response, or you might have will-power to perform a certain function. Or, you might quietly listen to what your heart is telling you.

However, as old ideologies breakdown in the face of deconditioning, it is our body-intelligence that can be increasingly used as a vital tool in our decision-making process. You’re no longer pulled wildly by your mind and what you think is correct for you. Instead, you have the luxury of using your body’s intelligence as a guide in your decision making process.

Begin the experiment

And as you begin experimenting with using this inner authority as your guide, you will feel more centred, grounded and connected to who you truly are. Then you can go about operating correctly as your unique self in your relationships. And life will flow with greater ease and purpose.

So, are you ready to step outside the conditioning of your mind – to make decisions aligned with your true source of power and purpose? At Kultcha we’ve made it easy for you to navigate and experiment with your inner authority. We offer you the tools needed to step outside of external conditioning factors and live your unique purpose.

You can register for our FREE online course, download our FREE ebook, or sign-up for a coaching session.Together we can work on developing your own inner authority as a guide for your decision-making strategy.

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