Why your state of consciousness is important

3 years ago

Your state of consciousness plays an integral role in shaping your behavior. Your state of consciousness is a feeling, and your feelings fundamentally influence how you behave – moment to moment.

You may not be aware of how your state of consciousness (a feeling) affects your behavior, but as soon as you reflect on your feelings you realise just how important they are in shaping your actions.

A feeling

Take a moment to reflect on how you feel. Have you noticed when you feel closed or rigid? When you feel contracted – a feeling of ‘there’s something wrong’ – how does that shape who you are? You might want to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling by suppressing it, denying it outright, or projecting it onto others. It’s important to realise that this is your feeling, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a state of consciousness – a chemical reaction inside of your body.

Awareness and relaxation

But once you become aware of it, feel it and allow it to pass, you can then relax again. Take a few deep breaths and connect with the feelings in your body. All feelings are transitory – they come and go like clouds in the sky. A relaxed state of consciousness is where everything is good – this is ground zero for the abundant mindset. Here you connect with what you want, what you love doing and what’s important to you.

An expansive state of consciousness

The abundant mindset is an expansive state of consciousness. You are guided by your highest values, reflected in your behvior and driven by a feeling of openness, clarity and confidence. You’re engaged with your unique perspective – driven by a wholehearted understanding of yourself and your environment.

This is an exiting platform to launch your vision into the world, growing your success in a relaxed and abundant way. Because you are connected to your uniqueness, you offer your perspective without the need to change other people.


As a result you feel more connected to your core values, such as who you are and why you are here. You have a deeper sense of your mission and purpose. You can then align your behavior in a way that matches your vision and values. Because you feel more connected with self, you feel more connected with others. You are thus able to grow your relationships in a more empathic and compassionate way, which leads to greater prosperity for you and others.

Take action

Would you like to further your understanding of how your states of consciousness shape your behavior? Are you looking for deeper insights into who you are and what your unique purpose in life is? Then sign up for a coaching session and together we can work on mastering your states of consciousness for greater clarity and insight into living your unique purpose.

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